The German Shorthair is probably the most natural retrieving. easily trained and has the best nose of all the pointing breeds in America today. The Shorthair has been bred to hunt all types of game and is a good retriever. Because of his wide scope of ability, he has earned the title of “the multipurpose dog”.  The Shorthair is bred to be a foot shooting dog and not for range, drive or speed, but for thoroughness.

The dog shows the practical streak of the Germans. He hunts in a businesslike manner, quartering, checking the cover, handling obediently to his handler. If you don’t find game with a Shorthair, there’s nothing around.

The Shorthair is naturally endowed with a great deal of “point”. Puppies develop earlier than Pointers and Setters, are easily handled and are even tempered. For these reasons the dog is an ideal one for the amateur to train. If you want a dog that hunts and does not require a great deal of training, the Shorthair may be just what you are lookung for.

Additional information on the German Shorthair Pointer can be found here at the AKC website.