If you like to hunt a little each fall and you want to be sure of finding game, a great family dog that would greet you at the door when you come home, You might want to consider the Gordon Setter. Gordon Setters are calm, intelligent, placid dogs. They don’t bounce around or jump all over you like an English Setter and they’re not good natured slobs like the Irish Setter. They are a one family dog, good around children, aloof around strangers, with tremendous loyalty for their master. they are not good kennel dogs and they don’t train easily for a professional trainer.

When hunting, the Gordon is thorough to a fault. He is not speedy in the field, he plugs along thoroughly hunting each and every field. Few if any Gordon Setter owners go out hunting and come back without something in their game bag.

His oustanding characteristics are intelligence, great scenting ability, and great endurance, also beautiful color and coat, he has good looks and is loyal beyond belief.¬†One disavantage of hunting with the Gordon is his color, Though he is usually close working, you can walk by him standing on point in a thick dark swamp. Chances are he’ll stand there all day waiting for you to find him. He retains his training from season to season, will find every bird around and he is a good retriever. He doesn’t hunt with the power of the Pointer or the happiness of the English Setter, nor does he point with their suddenness and style. You’ll have to walk with him to the end of the field but he’ll hunt every square inch of it.

For the person who wants a mannerly, gentle hunting dog with almost fanatical loyalty for his master and family, the Gordon should most assuredly be considered.

Additional information on the Gordon Setter can be found here at the AKC website.